@  detroit contemporary  (CAID)

This is a call for pre through post apocalyptic art, instructions below:
2-D    3-D    performance    installation     all welcome!

2-D and 3-D work must be dropped off or received in the mail by January 17th, 2012
Installation installment can begin as early as January 15th, 2012

Contact curator KT Andresky by January 11th if you are interested in participating.

Mail art to:
Attn: detroit contemporary art,  5141 Rosa Parks Blvd Detroit,  MI 48208

Please help spread the word!

In 2012, the detroit contemporary will act as a place for artists to seek refuge and conduct their own form of Toque De Queda, of arbitrary confinement.  Starting with paocolypse : apocalypse show, as if the apocalypse actually started here, spectators will arrive expecting to enter into the end of the World then leave feeling like the World has ended… and that is just the beginning.   

Through the direction of curator Kt Andresky, the detroit contemporary’s gallery will advance the foundation that lies between farm as culture and art as culture. Stay tuned-in to future exhibitions and see how it all happens.